Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The second project of my craft thing is hand embroidery stitch. This is my first attempt to stitch. As usual, internet is my main source of learning everything. Pattern shown is 100% from my own idea. My hand embroidery begins with a few basic stitches. I was using satin fabric, DMC thread and 6" loop.

  • 1) Satin stitch - big flowers and buds
  • 2) Detached Chain aka lazy daisy stitch - yellow flowers
  • 3) French Knot - small pink and red flowers
  • 4) Stem Stitch - stems
  • 5) Fish bone stitch - leaves

For those, who want to start learning embroidery, the link below is a very good guide for learning and practising


Monday, July 21, 2008

Mini Shoulder Bag

My little daughter become an instant model for displaying the bag.

Actual size of the bag

Close up for the beaded project

My first crafty thing I've ever made. Mini shoulder bag. I've made this bag based on the link below. TQVM for the blogger for sharing her idea to us. Actually, at that time, I was so boring n nothing to do with my day chores, instead playing with Sabrina n do the housework...the rest of time is useless. So, I started browsing the internet, and....wallah...... I found this link at the thread in wanitamelayu.com. With my own creativity, I've resized the measurement and added some beads to make it glittering.