Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My new little tiny creator

Salam to all my friends.

I'm sorry for not updating this blog for quite some time. It was not because I was too busy but because I was admitted to a hospital for almost 2 weeks. I gave birth to a premature baby at 32 weeks pregnancy on 10th Dec but alhamdulillah she's fine with her weight of 1.8 kg. My little girl is still in the hospital ICU for monitoring possibly until she reaches 35 weeks pregnancy. I go to the hospital twice a day, teaching her to breast feed.

On 13th Dec, for the first time my little angle opened her eyes when I touched her fingers. So adorable..she tried hard to open her eyes. It was very touching..I think she knows me as her mummy. When I hold her she slept well without her pacifier The day after she comes to the world, it rained in Abu Dhabi for 3 days. How wonderful. Hujan rahmat. Allah bless you, my dear. Two days later..for the first time she smiled at me. Kecik2 dah pandai senyum2. :)

Before I forgot... My new little angle's name is Nik Nur Sara. Her big sister Sabrina can't wait to see her. Everyday Sabrina would ask me.. "what did baby say to me, Ma?". I said " Baby is sleeping but I know she loves u very much as u love her too". And Sabrina said " How sweet". One day she tell me to give presents to her little sister and said " I would like to give this present to budak baby". And she put the present together with Sara's clothing. And everyday she will be asking "bila budak baby nak balik to our home Ma..lambatnya" . " I want to play with her n change her nappy". I said " Tak lama lagi budak baby balik..sabar ek" . I don't know what to say anymore to her because I also hope that my litlle angle can discharged soon.