Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Another decoupage using rosemary rose tissues (if I'm not mistaken for this type of rose). Signage for my front door. Some folk art touch for the stems n red small flowers. Pink outline for the edge of the rose to make it more prominent. And also 3D butterfly.

I used trace n transfer method for the wording. Firstly, I typed the wordings in Word Art and printed it out. Secondly, I traced n transferred the wordings onto the wood surface. Lastly, I painted the words using liner brush.

Close up of the 3D decoupage for the butterfly

I just wanted to share the decals that I bought here at Jarir Bookstore , Meena Centre. Folk Art brand.

Rose stencil n 3D decoupage picture.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mama & Sabrina Arts & Crafts Day

Last weekend, my little girl n me had fun together . Filled up our day with decoupage . She seems very happy doing this. I taught her how to seal the surface, apply background color n paste the picture. Since she was not expert in using scissors, I did it for she just pasted the picture. I let her choose her own pictures n arranged them. It was really fun doing arts & crafts stuff with my little girl.

Apply background color (light pink)

Fast drying process using hair dryer

Varnishing the surface


Our craft (how much you think we can sell these...hehe)

Sabrina's craft
The letters written by Sabrina herself. Her hands were shaking that's why the letters are skewed a bit.

Mom's craft
Written by me...... copy n tracing method.

Later, after finishing her decoupage she told me that she wants to make another decoupage, thi time with Batman pictures. She wants to give it to her friend..Japothi n Omar Rayyan as a gift. I hope I can do this mom and daughter arts & crafts day often, perhaps making it a tradition between us both.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Another rose using angular brush. Actually, I wanted to apply pink color to the rose but later decided the other way round. I used decoupage technique for the background ( like wallpaper) . Applied the whole tissue. If u can see..there were a lot of wrinkles here n there. I'm not expert yet in this. Some of my friends said it is art. As u is very subjective. Different people..different opinion. I've wanted to paint this tea set for a while now. I'm happy to say, without any references..I was able to do it myself.

Rose...rose n rose

My pink rose in my house. It is pretty right?. I like it very much because I'm waited very long to see it bloom. After a few rose plants died...only this one survives. I put everything to make sure it lives. Even banana skin or egg skin i put in as fertilizer. It 's funny, right. Hehehehehee. I saw one movie (Seven Pounds), the actor ask to put banana skin if u want your plant to be healthy. So I try n voila...the leaves came up aggressively. Okay..enough the story of my rose. Let us get back to the point.

I like to paint rose even if it seems difficult to paint sometimes. I don't know what we call this rose painting..but I was using an angular brush to do it. Before painting the rose..i did not apply sealer to protect the candle..I just painted. After a few moments, the paint started to fade....only then do I started to apply the sealer to the surface slowly. Because I was afraid the paint will fade if no sealer was applied.