Monday, May 18, 2009

Mama & Sabrina Arts & Crafts Day

Last weekend, my little girl n me had fun together . Filled up our day with decoupage . She seems very happy doing this. I taught her how to seal the surface, apply background color n paste the picture. Since she was not expert in using scissors, I did it for she just pasted the picture. I let her choose her own pictures n arranged them. It was really fun doing arts & crafts stuff with my little girl.

Apply background color (light pink)

Fast drying process using hair dryer

Varnishing the surface


Our craft (how much you think we can sell these...hehe)

Sabrina's craft
The letters written by Sabrina herself. Her hands were shaking that's why the letters are skewed a bit.

Mom's craft
Written by me...... copy n tracing method.

Later, after finishing her decoupage she told me that she wants to make another decoupage, thi time with Batman pictures. She wants to give it to her friend..Japothi n Omar Rayyan as a gift. I hope I can do this mom and daughter arts & crafts day often, perhaps making it a tradition between us both.


WAN ZARINA said...

pandainya sabrina wat decoupage..auntie sendiri pun tak pandai wat..malu jer kan...huhuhu

rubiyanti said...

Auntie Leena kena belajar tu ngan mama Sabrina mcmana nak buat decoupage.

WAN ZARINA said... ker..hehehehe..terharu rasanya..hiks

rubiyanti said...