Monday, May 11, 2009

Rose...rose n rose

My pink rose in my house. It is pretty right?. I like it very much because I'm waited very long to see it bloom. After a few rose plants died...only this one survives. I put everything to make sure it lives. Even banana skin or egg skin i put in as fertilizer. It 's funny, right. Hehehehehee. I saw one movie (Seven Pounds), the actor ask to put banana skin if u want your plant to be healthy. So I try n voila...the leaves came up aggressively. Okay..enough the story of my rose. Let us get back to the point.

I like to paint rose even if it seems difficult to paint sometimes. I don't know what we call this rose painting..but I was using an angular brush to do it. Before painting the rose..i did not apply sealer to protect the candle..I just painted. After a few moments, the paint started to fade....only then do I started to apply the sealer to the surface slowly. Because I was afraid the paint will fade if no sealer was applied.

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