Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Token of Appreciation

A gift for Ms. Crystal

Last Monday, when Sabrina came back from school, she told me that her friend gave a present to their class teacher, Ms Crystal. She told me that she want to give present too and asked me what should the present be. After a few minute of 'brainstorming', she told me she wanted to give some of her toys to her teacher. I said "no, teachers don't play toys". And then I suggested, " Why not, I do my rose painting and you give it to your teacher". She agreed with that.

Close up for the roses.

So starting from that day, I get on to painting. At first, when she saw the basic painting, she told me " Your painting is not nice, Mama". And I said "It's not finished yet". After that, she went to sleep. The next day, after she came back from school I showed it to her. She said " It's really nice Mama. I can't wait to give it to Ms Crystal and Ms Dolly". Ms Dolly is the assistant teacher of her class.

Before the addition of the wording.

Personally, I like this pattern very much....simple but nice. ( Boleh x angkat bakul, bawa sendiri....hahaha)

A gift for Ms. Dolly.

Sabrina with her gifts.


Monday, June 7, 2010


Last weekend's painting project. Painting on porcelain surface...white teapot. For this project, I used enamel acrylic color specially made for glass or porcelain or tile surface, flow medium and extender. Now, I'm crazy for Priscilla Hauser's roses.

It is very difficult to paint the leaves because the paint itself easily to dry off. As amateur like me, I need more time to blend the color of the leaves. So, you can see it in the close up picture, the leaves are not well blended. I have yet to paint the teapot cover....waiting for the right time. :) :) :)

The reference book

I want to share my collection of rose themed items. Magazine or book stand....it helps a lot while I'm painting. I bought it for only AED79 last Saturday at BHS. For sure, in UK the price is very much cheaper compared to AD price.

And also single rose hanger...... AED35. All of this collections are limited edition from Maison. The next entry, if I have enough time..... I will share my other roses themed items with you.


Friday, June 4, 2010


Last 2 weeks project...small roses. I have no mood plus no idea plus lazy also ( hahaha..so many plus ) to work with the lettering...blankkkkkkk. For this roses painting, I used flat brush no 4. If you can see, the color of the leaves are darker than previous leaves. I used Grass Green ( Folkart Plaid ) for the basecoat and double load with Moss Green ( Jo Sonja) + Teal Green ( Jo Sonja ).

I'm not satisfied with the roses...something wrong somewhere.... I'm lost. :( :( :(

Happy viewing