Monday, June 7, 2010


Last weekend's painting project. Painting on porcelain surface...white teapot. For this project, I used enamel acrylic color specially made for glass or porcelain or tile surface, flow medium and extender. Now, I'm crazy for Priscilla Hauser's roses.

It is very difficult to paint the leaves because the paint itself easily to dry off. As amateur like me, I need more time to blend the color of the leaves. So, you can see it in the close up picture, the leaves are not well blended. I have yet to paint the teapot cover....waiting for the right time. :) :) :)

The reference book

I want to share my collection of rose themed items. Magazine or book helps a lot while I'm painting. I bought it for only AED79 last Saturday at BHS. For sure, in UK the price is very much cheaper compared to AD price.

And also single rose hanger...... AED35. All of this collections are limited edition from Maison. The next entry, if I have enough time..... I will share my other roses themed items with you.


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