Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Token of Appreciation

A gift for Ms. Crystal

Last Monday, when Sabrina came back from school, she told me that her friend gave a present to their class teacher, Ms Crystal. She told me that she want to give present too and asked me what should the present be. After a few minute of 'brainstorming', she told me she wanted to give some of her toys to her teacher. I said "no, teachers don't play toys". And then I suggested, " Why not, I do my rose painting and you give it to your teacher". She agreed with that.

Close up for the roses.

So starting from that day, I get on to painting. At first, when she saw the basic painting, she told me " Your painting is not nice, Mama". And I said "It's not finished yet". After that, she went to sleep. The next day, after she came back from school I showed it to her. She said " It's really nice Mama. I can't wait to give it to Ms Crystal and Ms Dolly". Ms Dolly is the assistant teacher of her class.

Before the addition of the wording.

Personally, I like this pattern very much....simple but nice. ( Boleh x angkat bakul, bawa sendiri....hahaha)

A gift for Ms. Dolly.

Sabrina with her gifts.


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