Monday, October 26, 2009

Tea for one

Since no new project of decoupage or folk art....let me share some of my tea-for-one collections. Just recently I were doing some embroidery on my hijab....WIP. It may takes some time to finish it may be 1 month or 2 month depending on my mood.

Anyone...who wants some tea. I have 2 more tea-for-one that not yet time to find it in the store room. I bought it when I was in England. Here in Abu Dhabi , it is difficult to find tea for one.... I saw a few but not to my liking. The choiced are limited. So that's it for my other hobby of collecting tea-for-one sets.

This is one of my collections. The saucer already displayed but the teapot n cup still inside the box....MIA. I have no ample time to find it.

The yellow gold one is from Aynsley Orchard Gold. Since the picture is blurr so I pasted the exact motif of the picture.