Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hand stitches embroidery

Sabrina's Eid dress with hand stitches embroidery. Actually the dress is for last year's Eid . The dress was plain when I bought it but I modified it with hand stitches embroidery n some beading. Sabrina said to me that she want the most beautiful embroidery than her sister. Hahaha...see..she become envy to her sister. Even she are in the state of jealousy with her sister but she love her very much. Take care of her sister, played with her and shower together. How sweet.

Bullion roses

And this one is for Sara. Simple but nice.


Liya said...

wah! cantik la ruby... mana ko belajo ni?

Rubiyanti Basri said...

Aku belajar dr buku n juga internet. Xder sapa nak ajar so kena cr sumber2 yg ada... :)

difa said...

ruby, sweetnya, kebetulan raya tahun lepas pon aku buat gak tuk zahra & zulaikha, tp yg ko buat tuk sabrina ngan sara sweett sgt.

Rubiyanti Basri said...

kebetulan ms tu cuti2 mesia..bnyk ms kat rumah mak aku..apalagi ..pulun buat sulaman. disamping nak menajamkan skill sticthing aku..dah lama x buat. :)

Mar said...

hi ruby, my 1st time here
u hv such a beautiful talent
nice embroidery!

Rubiyanti Basri said...

Thanks Mar for dropping by n thanks too 4 the nice comments. I wish I could do much better than this. :)

Minhas artes said...

It is lovely and looks no much difficult for to do it