Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flower Arrangement

Today's entry, I would like to share Flower Arrangement that I decorative painting n no decoupage. Because of my daughter woke up late today around 1130 am so I have enough time to do new flower arrangement without any disturbances. Above photo is my new stuff...fresh from the oven...hehe. I put it at the side/corner of the sofa....but later I will change it frequently with my white roses below.

A bunch of white roses..I put it on my coffee table n pink again.

Combination colors between white n pink dining table

Love shape topiary...peach color.

Ok..done for today's entry. Will be catching up with new entry soon....wait n see. C U guys soon.

Happy fasting!!


shima said...

wah ruby, nampak hidup la bunga tu.. memang bunga hidup ke.. fresh, colournya pun shima suka, of course pink and white... sweet sangat.. boleh jadi idea buat folkart

rubiyanti said...

Tu bunga plastik jer. Saya pun suka color dia tapi tu ler masa beli tu cuma ada beberapa jambak jer...kalu x boleh buat penuh skit. Ha ah ...betul tuh...idea for folkart.