Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ros Singleton Book

My order from Ros Singleton website finally arrived last tuesday (2nd June). It took 2 weeks to arrive to Abu Dhabi. I'm so happy n very excited when I received this book from my hubby. I couldn't wait to start the rose painting. Inside the envelope, there are some additional stuff included such as order form, newsletter, 2 pieces of bookmarks and a note signed by Ros Singleton. In one day, I got 2 new n important things. One of them of course this book n the other one is a Coach purse. Gift from my husband for Mother's Day.

The book

Page signed by Ros Singleton inside the book

A note from Ros Singleton

2 free bookmarks


Salmi said...

Salam Ruby, Happy Painting !

rubiyanti said...

TQ Kak. :)