Monday, June 1, 2009

Decoupage Plate

Last week decoupage project. I made it using melamine plate. I used doily shape for the background of the wording. How to make it..simple as ABC

1) Basecoat exterior of the plate with white gesso. Let dry
2) Adhere doily on the center of the plate.
3) Moisten the sponge with water and squeeze out all the excess water
4) Dab or press sponge several time onto the pink paint.
5) Dab the sponge on the surface of doily. Make sure dab on the expose area of the doily.
Let dry
6) Peel out the doily
7) Finish.

Before wording added

Font: Curlz MT
Painted the font used liner brush no 10/0


Salmi said...

Salam ruby, cantik..gud idea guna paper doily tuh....such intricate and nice work

rubiyanti said...

Thanks Kak. :)

MrsNor said...

alahai syantiknyaaa Nik... akak ni jenis tangan takdok patat siput ni tok reti ler nak buat

HazCottageCHaRm said...

Salam Nik..kak dtg Ziarah...aduh syumer advanced lah decoupage Nik cahntik.....he he akak tertinggal train ni.....welp...welp...

rubiyanti said...

KAk Nor
TQ.....ala Kak NOr..kalu xdok patat siput...asal ada pitih..beli jah. Senang cite.

KAk Hanim
TQ sudi singgah blog. Tertinggal train ka? Kejar kak jgn x kejar..cepat sikit kejar tuh.